Welcome to #darkshare

Hopefully, a place where all kinds of people can share stuff.

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What is #darkshare?

It is a service that let's you share stuff. Simple as that.
Although, since I'm maintaining this on my spare time and from my own wallet, I've had the need to restrict some parts of the service. I.e. you can only share files <= 6 megabytes.
I know, it sucks.

Can I use this for bad things?

Well, sure you can.
BUT NOTICE, if I get a complaint against something you darksharers put up on here, I am entitled to put it down immidiately, without noticing you. Or, probably I'll tell everyone that you've been a bad boy.
(Worst case senario I'll have to block your user, and destroy your associated content, forever).

Can you add/fix this?

Yes I can!
If you're awesome, please go to my Github issues and submit your feature or bug. That would be nice!

If that's a bit too much you can always email me. Let's do some manual obfuscating:

    $username = "jstoone";
    $seperator = "@";
    $provider = "drk";
    $domain = ".sh";

    $email = $username . $seperator . $provider . $domain
Got it?